1. Pktatum95

    Maximizing mpg 6.4 hemi

    Hey there. Have a question guys. Wanting some of yalls opinions. I have a 2017 RAM 3500 6.4 hemi DRW Reg cab with 4.10 and 66rfe. 209k on the clock. Bought it brand new with 8 miles on it (I put 6 of those test driving it) Lifter failure at 93k. New long block courtesy of FCA. No issues...
  2. W

    Gearing questions.

    Hey everyone. Been doing research for a while and just had a "small" thought. I decided that eventually I'm going to try and re gear over the course of this summer. I've found out that in the models above 2011 it is that the largest gear you can fit in the front differential is 4.56. I've been...