bilstein 5100s

  1. B

    This can't be right...right?

    Hey everybody! So, a day ago I had a Superlift 4-inch lift kit with Bilstein 5100's installed by a local shop. To be specific the rear shocks are the 5125's PN 33-1865569. I've only put about 100 miles on it since and on road feels ridiculously spongy. I also noticed the rear end has a...
  2. G

    Front suspension lower

    I have a 2013 1500 with 60,000kms. After installing Bilstein 5100 and bags in the rear, the front sits slightly lower. What is the best way to fix this and level the truck nicely?
  3. Dryates

    adjusting bilsteins after 50K miles?

    So my ram 1500 2014 has been on bilstein 5100s in the front on stock coils for around 40-50K miles and they are set at the 2.7 setting. They aren't really causing me problems on normal roads, but on backroads that are rough my truck shakes and vibrates excessively. Admittedly I need new front...
  4. j-b

    Warlock Lift Explanation - Read this before lifting/leveling your Warlock's

    Hello all! With RAM continuing to produce these 4th Gens as the "Warlock" Package I figured I would make a Thread Explaining the Lift on these trucks as its a question that gets asked a lot. Of course RAM doesn't really put any info out there to help us in the aftermarket world. The Warlocks...
  5. waqasrishi

    Upgrading the Ram 1500 2012

    Hi, I am upgrading the stock suspension and lifting my truck. But I don't want to go too crazy and spend like 5000 USD on it. Was thinking more of replacing the old stock suspension and changing it with the new ones. Also, going with Bilstein 5100. What would you recommend I change with...
  6. F

    Bilsteins set at 2.8: Post your pictures!

    I have a pair of Bilstein 5100s I am about to install on my 2018 Bighorn, thinking about setting them at the max level and nothing done in the rear. Has anybody done this and do you have a picture of how it looks? Thanks.