1. CUAviator

    Graphene toughness

    For anyone that's used graphene coating, what are your thoughts on its toughness and abillity to protect against small scratches? It's supposed to be much harder than ceramic.
  2. Suma Performance

    20% off SUMA Ceramic | Customer's Reviews

    Instantly achieve that new car shine with our professional-grade ceramic coating. The best part? You can do it yourself for a fraction of the price! Use the 20% off code 20DETAILOFF at check-out. www.sumadetail.com https://youtu.be/nmnHYMxgTlw WHY CUSTOMERS LOVE IT! "I love the shine it...
  3. Zachery Vrbas

    Ceramic chip repair

    Just got the carven 5” tips and noticed after install that there is a small but large enough chip on the coating near the clamp. Need to know if there’s any way to seal it so that it does not get worse or if I should just replace them. Can’t find any answers anywhere on sealing a chip for...