lifted ram

  1. S

    4 inch rough country and 2 inch coil springs

    looking to stack 2 in rc level springs in my 4 in rc lift anyone have picture of something like this or know if it can be done
  2. Socalramfan

    Which Color?

    Gonna pull the trigger and order up some Core 4x4 products. The whole enchilada….. Upper, Lower, Panard, and Sway links and when they hit the market, I’ll go with the UCA for the front. Question is: Which color to go with? Looking to compliment, and accent the suspension and Ram. DO NOT...
  3. Q


    I have a 2017 that currently has a 6 lift and I wanna bring it down to start towing camping trailer. What are some things I’ll need (don’t want to forget something and I’ve never lowered before). I know I’ll need different brake lines but what else might be forgotten or any tools that will...
  4. Marrapode

    Lift kit and vehicle warranty

    So I’ve seen some places say that adding a lift kit to your truck will void your warranty. Or you can purchase/have dealership install the Mopar lift and it doesn’t void anything(definitely not doing that cause it’s OUTRAGEOUS.) I mean I just bought the truck last year, I still have a long time...
  5. F

    Ram 1500 with 35s

    So while looking around I didn't see anything posted about this. But ram 1500 with 35x10.5r17 wheels and a 0 offset. They fit with no rubbing on a 2.5in front level and a 1in rear. Front Level: Mammoth 2.5in front Rear Level: Daystar 1in rear Tire: Kenda tire 35x10.5r17LT 121R D Klever R/T...
  6. F

    Black or Chrome rims with level or lift

    I'm still researching leveling vs actual small lift 2" to 3"-1/2 However I'm torn between black rims such as Tis, or There chrome rims I'm really torn between the 2 Thinking of also somewhat negative offset around -18 to -26 depending on what I decide to do between leveling or lifting Any...
  7. Kustomblack1

    Homemade turbo oil scavenge system

    Seems to work decently although quality parts would be better. Will get done eventually.
  8. Kustomblack1

    Turbo monster Jam lol!

    Thank you Moe's Performance and Hemifever tuning for always helping me with Frankenstein! Still lots to do to be right. Waiting on a couple things to come in the mail.
  9. Kustomblack1

    Homemade turbo works!

    Thank you Hemifever tuning, Moe's performance and everyone that has been cool about my project. Thank you to my wife for helping me as well! very cool!
  10. NickyLenz


    I've been losing my MIND trying to find replacement Front sway bar end links for my 2011 Ram 1500 4x4 with a 4" rough country lift, and even though i'm trying my hardest to replace parts as they go with ANYTHING BUT RC, i cant even find just the end links even through rough country. Can someone...
  11. B

    4 or 6 inch lift on ram 1500 classic 4x4

    I was considering doing 37x13.5 with 22x12 -44 offset on a 6 inch lift, but was told I would have to do lots of trimming. Would this be something worth doing? Also considered doing 35x12.5 on 22x12 wit -44 offset on a 4 inch lift but felt that was too low and that a 6 inch lift would make the...
  12. G

    3.6L pentastar 4x4 on a 6" lift with 35s

    should I lift my v6 with a 6" lift with 35s? Will I be pushing It too much? or will It be fine?
  13. 14Fiveseven

    Maxtrac 7in Lift Questions

    Im looking to getting the Maxtrac 7in lift kit for my 2wd ram. Im looking at a lot of reviews but some mention the need of wheel spacers in the rear? Is this true? Also someone recommended that I get new upper control arms if my truck has high mileage. Any advice on any of this. Im on a budget...