1. RandyMarionCDJR

    Bugout & Ready for War Trucks

    With the world kind of going to well.... lets just say a rough place. The question has popped up all throughout America and even in my own home, "Are we prepared when s*** really hits the fan?" Of course, being prepared is subjective to the individual but some like to go the extra mile & not...
  2. D

    Albertan - On order - 2022 RAM 2500 Big Horn Mega Cab Night Edition c/w Hemi 6.4. Need help/suggestions.

    Hello, I am new to forums in general. Looking for advice. I want to upgrade suspension once my 2022 RAM 2500 Big Horn Mega Cab Night Edition c/w Hemi 6.4 arrives, should be May/June. Any advice on lifts, airbags, rims/tires etc?? Flexible budget (+/- $6k). I wanted a Power Wagon but I...
  3. Timmy B

    Air Ride suspension with bed rack and RTT

    I'm looking at getting a Rebel with Air suspension, I plan to add a bed rack and a roof top tent, and other overlanding accessories onto the rack. Anyone know how the air suspension will hold up with this constant added weight? Thanks!
  4. Harley1200

    1500 - 37s and 4 inch or less lift Q&A + Pics

    Anyone have experience or pics of 37 inch tires with a 4 inch or less lift? I won't be driving this every day and want capability for some off-roading. I'm set on going with 37s, for more clearance, and want minimal lift height. I'll use an aftermarket bumper to allow for clearance (probably...
  5. M

    Bed Cover/Rack System

    So I want to build out my Rebel. I’ve got a Rzr 1000 that I like to beat on, but sometimes we like to stay out for a couple of days and camp. I’m looking to do an overland build with an RTT, shower, the whole 9. So, I’m on the hunt for a reputable manufacturer for a cover and bed rack system. I...
  6. Motor Head

    Rear Shock Replacement How-To w/Video

    As we all know, driving unloaded can mean a bumpy ride especially if your like me and am annoyed if my TPMS is always telling me to fill the rear tires to 80 psi. Since that's so much of a pain I keep my rear's at 70psi, which still creates a harsh ride. I figured I would replace the rear shocks...
  7. TheSkiingRAM

    TheSkiingRAM Build

    Here it is! The official build page for TheSkiingRAM on the RAM Forums! As always, you can find the most up-to-date information on the build on Instagram @TheSkiingRAM You can take a direct link to my page here: www.instagram.com/theskiingram You can also access the build website, which is...