2015 Ram 1500, radio won't pair properly

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Dec 17, 2023
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Ontario Canada
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3.0 Diesel
So if checked the forums and online and I haven't found anything directly related to my issue.
Sorry, I'm pretty new to posting forums and stuff so if I'm in the wrong spot I apologize.

I have a 2015 Ram 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel with the 5 inch screen. The first time I paired my old phone with my radio, everything worked properly. The name of the song popped up on the screen while using Spotify. The next button and the play button worked all of that. It only worked at the very first time though every single time after that I cannot get it to connect properly. I have to use the tuner knob to switch songs and all it does is say the name of my phone on the screen. Nothing else.

I got a new phone and the exact same thing happened. It worked the first time just fine and never again.
I've tried a friend's phone and also worked the first time but never again so I'm super confused and I can't find anything about it. Just issues with it not working in general and stuff but not these connection issues in specific so I was just hoping somebody would have some insight or something. Thanks