2022 Ram Laramie Sport Shifting Issues

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Feb 19, 2024
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Looking for comments or advice. Purchased a 2022 Ram Laramie Sport with 3 miles on in it. Within the first 100 miles, the check engine light came on. I took it back into the dealer service drive through and they found no codes stored. After about another 100 miles, I started to notice chugging, tugging, clunking and rough idling, mostly in lower gears, speed, downshifting and when creeping with foot off the accelerator. Check Engine light came back on so, I took it back in where they kept it for a few days. They found P219A code and though they reported no problems with shifting, decided to swap the injectors. Drove it for another couple hundred miles and the shifting issues got worse. Check engine light came back on again, dealer found the same code P219A and replaced the upstream O2 sensor.

Since then, the clunking is not as rough but there are still issues with downshifting in lower gears and the truck can rev high between 1500 and 2000 rpms when creeping for several seconds before lunging up and then back down below 1000. Unsatisfied with the dealer's service, I took it to another Ram dealer for a 2nd opinion. During the 2nd opinion, they reported they let the vehicle warm up and then drove it for 5 miles and found nothing wrong. Admittedly, my truck may run fine for the first 5 miles or even 10 - 15. It just seems to get stuck on every commute. Stellantis would not let me take it to an independent transmission mechanic for a transparent analysis under warranty and would not share any diagnostic details with me from either dealer.

First question - do dealership mechanics have transmission expertise?
2nd question - why wouldn't Stellantis share details about any diagnostics that have been performed?