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Adjusted my doors.

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by PaPitt, Jan 13, 2020 at 10:17 PM.

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    Dec 27, 2019
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    SO i Have this ''old'' 1988 3/4ton flat bed that I use on my farm. It has a Western Hauler bed on it & The hyd wrecker hithch has been converted int a hay spear for the farm. & The truck onlyshows 44K on it . I expect it's 144K but it sure steers nice . But it was on a ranch for ever. SO it just might be 44K.
    BUT ON RANCHES .. Cowboys have a tendency to not shut the doors ... Which let's them sag & Not shut correctly ..
    ... SO SINCE I WORKED IN TOWN & Owned a parts store that sold a lot of paint in central TEXAS .
    .. I'VE DEALT witha lot of bodyshops.. & Back in those days. I was 1967 until 1995..
    SO I watched them pull frames & adjust doors.
    ... SO My doors would just not adjust correctly ... I though I was slipping.
    So I'd figured out how to shut my doors while driving in the pasture. But at times I had to shut them 7 times before i GOT THEM CLOSED .
    .... bUT YESTERDAY . I walked through myshop & I saw a tool I'd bee looking for .. Big tire tool.
    I've just sold my big tractor . A DUAL WHEEL 1586 IH .. 150HP TRACTOR . IT'S GONE .
    bUT UNDER WHERE IT HAD SET. was mytire tool.
    It was that slide hammer . for busting off the tires from the rear tractor tires .
    ... It's a slide hammer . The inside slide weights about 20lb. & The rest of the hammer might weigh 35lbs.
    ... But I'd thought if I could hit that top heinge with that tool . I might could move that hinge forward enough to make my door shut.
    ... So I took my tool , i'd found. & Placed the flat front edge against top hinge & Gave the 20lb bar a slap.
    & Another & a total of maybe 4 or 5 . & Then I thought I've got in several good licks in . I might should try this.
    .... Wow I gave the door a shove & it shut ... So I tried it several more times . I looked at the gap. & Yes the gap look great .
    ..... I hope you can understand what I did & I hope you can shut your old door.
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