all failed at the same time 12'' display, front windows, cargo 115v on/off,heater full blast

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Nov 22, 2023
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5.7 hemi
hi everyone , so the wife was driving her truck (2021 ram 1500 laramie ) and nothing wrong all day she parked in a parking lot with the truck running for about 30 min all was fine untill it wasnt first started the 115 v cargo plug on/off error message rapidly repeating then the volt gauge started to flop around acting crazy as if the alternator was heading out then the 12'' display went black and the heater went full blast full heat ( holy crap is that a mean demon left to its own ) then the realization when the heat wouldnt turn off that the front windows now wont work at all and are stuck in the up position however the rears and moonroof work with no problem we replaced the battery and i did the power save with a jump box to the 12v power outlet to battery and turned the truck to acc and everything appeared to function perfect the 12'' display comes on as it should the heater works as intended and turns off the messages arnt popping up in the dash display/ warning center but as soon as you start it and the engine turns on the display shuts off and 20-30 seconds later the heater hits full bore with no way to slow her down or cool it down the soonest the dealers in the area can see it is nov 28th and this is our primary vehicle and we have to have it on the road so if there is anything i can do to update the system or what ever to get it back any help would be amazing i dont know how all of this is connected but it all happened at the same time and some times she reports that everything randomly comes back and starts working perfectly for a few min while ddriving and will eventually fail again 98% of the time it is failing and i have yet to see it work properly and i drove it arounf for 2 hours tonight

things i have done to attempt to remedy the situation : change the battery with power save connected
- disconnect the battery sensor then battery negative for a couple hours with the doors open
-attempt to update and reset the stereo in dealer mode
-restart head unit following an order off a mopar thread for the 12'' display and holding both power and tuner button/knobs untill radio restarts
-let it sit for a day to attempt to update on its own ( ill be honest i have no idea how that works with this truck )