Converted my 85 to Delay wipers, wanted to share my approach.

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Dec 9, 2020
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Afternoon all,

I converted my 85 d150 to delay wipers today, after being told the motor was different, and that it couldn't be done and yadda yadda.

To do it the way I did, you'll need a donor, or a source where you can get the control module and all the associated connectors and wiring. The control box on the donor I found was located under the dash to the right of the cluster, with 6 wires running all the way through the main dash harness to the wiper switch.

There is a 3 pin connector that runs to the delay module, as well as 3 wires that splice into the regular switch connector. I cut open the main harness, pulled all the wires all the way through, until I found the spliced wires that run into the body harness, presumably toward the motor. I cut the wires roughly 4" from the larger connector.

To simplify installation, I compared the 2 large connectors, and depinned the 3 that splice into the delay module one by one, and added male spade terminals to the wires I'd cut for the donor, so I was able to install the terminal into my factory plug, and plug the factory crimped female spade directly into my new delay harness.

Once I'd connected everything to the new switch, I grounded the black/green stripe wire coming from the control module, and zip tied the module and wiring out of the way under the driver's side of the dash.

Delay wipers at last! If anyone needs pictures, or has any questions, I'll be happy to help if I can.