Engine Replacement 5.7 Liter Eagle

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Aug 26, 2023
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Subject Vehicle: 2013 Ram 2500 ST, Crew Cab, 4X4, 5.7 Liter Hemi engine: Non-MDS / with VVT) with 6 speed transmission. (29,300 original miles) (Approximately 13,000 Hours of idle and drive time)

I have a question regarding the replacement of my 5.7 liter engine in my 2013 Ram 2500.

Some discussion below, followed by my question.

On a recent trip in November of 2023 I was traveling West on the PA turnpike in my Ram 2500. The oil pressure light came on, I immediately moved to the right lane and within 30 seconds the engine stalled. I squeezed in against the northbound wall and once stationary I immediately checked the engine oil level, which was full. I tried starting the truck and it made a clicking sound (starter engaging and trying to turn over), but the engine did not turn over. Approximately, 45 minutes later as I waited for a tow I attempted to start the engine again and the truck turned over and started. I showed 6 PSI of oil pressure on the dash. Engine didn't sound good (metal on metal) so I immediately shut if off and did not re-attempt to start the engine after that. Had the truck towed home 2 hours, dropped the pan and found bearing material in the pan. Most interesting was the oil pickup screen, which appeared to be clogged with a fibrous material as if a shop rag or paper towel made its way into the engine. I have no idea what the source of the fibrous material in the pickup screen was from. Cleaned up the pickup tube and screen as well as the pan and re-installed with new oil and filter. Engine started right up and we had 80 psi of oil pressure. Engine sounded "mostly good" with a slight knock.

I purchased the truck in July of 2023 with approx. 27,000 miles on the odometer. The previous owner had changed the water pump and oil, oil filter at the 27K mark. Prior to my November 2023 issue I made three long trips with the truck. The first was 12 hours, second was 5 hours and the third was 12 hours. Two of those trips I was pulling a car trailer loaded half of the time. My point in sharing this is the truck ran strong and flawless up until the November 2023 trip to Ohio. What I did not look realize and or look for when I purchased the truck is the engine hours. As listed above the truck has approximately 13000 hours of Idle/drive time. About 8000 of that is idle time. The truck was previously a GSA (federal) fleet vehicle. My 2014 Ram 1500 has 52,000 miles and the idle/drive hours are only 3500. This tells me the engine hours on the 2013 Ram 2500 are un-usually high for a truck with 29,300 original miles and may be a contributing factor to my current engine issue, not that that explains the fibrous material in the pick up screen.

About two weeks ago my nephew (mechanic) and I removed the engine from the truck and delivered it to a local machine shop. I purchased Larry Shepard's book on rebuilding of the Hemi engines. It was my hope and plan that a rebuild would be in my future. Long story short multiple issues were brought to my attention by the machine shop that would hinder a rebuild to include issues with the engine block, crankshaft and piston rods and a few of the pistons themselves. Cam and lifter all looked "good".

The plan now is to utilize a long block kit to get the truck back in service.

The MOPAR part number for my particular application is 682935533AA. This a long block crate engine (new), not remanufactured. However, this part has been discontinued and there is now a "remanufactured" part number, R8293553AA, which is available for approximately $6100 plus tax. It comes with a three year / 100,000 mile warranty through MOPAR. Again, this is a remanufactured long block, not a "new" crate engine. I am considering this as one of my options.

Another Option is the VEGE Remanufactured Long Block Crate Engines DDM52 through Summit Racing https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vre-ddm52 Cost is $4012.00

Of course there are many other companies offering remanufactured long block kits online. I would really like to utilize a crate engine ("new") as opposed to a remanufactured, but it would appear there are no crate engines available at this time through Mopar. This leads me to my question:

Question: MOPAR part number 68303088AC is for a crate "new", 5.7 liter Hemi engine. (( https://www.allmoparparts.com/sku/68303088aa.html#col-fitment )) This crate engine is readily available and can be sourced for $5600 delivered. This is a non-MDS / with VVT engine which is what I require for my application. The Application chart shows the 68303088AC engine is designed or intended for a 2015-2023 Dodge Challenger. I saw one review where an individual "allegedly" replaced the engine in his 2013 Ram 1500, but it required him to use his intake, front timing cover and his pickup tube and oil pan.

I reached out to BAM Wholesale Parts.com (( https://www.bamwholesaleparts.com/oem-parts/mopar-345-crate-hemi-reg-engine-68303088ac )) and they advised, " I could purchase part number 68303088AC, however this part will have a Zero warranty coverage as it is not installed in the proper vehicle." They further advised, " Part 68303088AC fits a 2015-2023 Dodge Challenger, The block shares the same part number but the Cylinder heads show to be different part numbers"

My question is: If I utilized my intake, timing cover, oil pan and pick up tube on one the MOPAR 68303088AC crate engines would this work without any further headaches or complications?

If I confirm what BAM Wholesale has advised me of, which is by utilizing the 68303088AC in my RAM application that it will result in no warranty then I will more than likely not be going down this path and will probably use the Mopar reman or the Summit reman options. I just wanted to consider all viable options before spending the cash.

Thanks for any input, guidance or opinions you can offer.


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Jan 24, 2024
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Wouldn't this fall under the drive train warranty ?