Fix my truck

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Joey DaMeatted

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Apr 24, 2023
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Gray Court SC
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5.7 Hemi
I did a long road trip yesterday of about 750 miles. With 100 miles to go I noticed the suspension became very bouncy and was taking bumps really hard. I realized the rear was sagging bad as well. I limped home.

This is a 2014 and never had an issue with it. I read alot of threads on this forum when I got home and realize this is a common issue.

After reading several posts i checked the fuses, the 10,20 and 40 amp by pulling them and visually inspecting them, they looked good.

My guess is that I reset the system somehow by removing the fuses because after that i started the truck up and it leveled out.

My question ism is this the beginning of something that I will have to deal with in the near future or could this be a 1 off anomaly that may not happen again?

I appreciate your advice. Not sure if id try and fix it or just do the air delete to cut my losses and headache as others have done.