Fuel Pump Issue?

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Nov 8, 2019
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2003 Dodge Ram 3500 long box diesel with 6 Speed NV5600 transmission, family owned truck since new. It has a 35 gallon fuel tank. Had the fuel lift pump conversion (68003870-AB) in November, 2014 at 163K miles. Had another fuel pump (Delphi EFG1080) installed in August, 2018 at 197K miles. (Dad had both of those done. I can no longer ask him why but I do have all the service records. I got the truck in April of 2019.) Currently at 251K miles.

The family keeps good records and when not towing, this truck gets a consistent 19-21 MPG. I have many records of having put in 31-33 gallons at a fill up at over 600 miles. Recently (and it has happened a couple of times) at about 460-480 miles the truck acts like it is out of fuel. It will die when coming to a stop sign and won’t start. Wait 15 minutes and it will start and hopefully there’s a station close by. Put fuel in it and it starts and runs fine. Happened again yesterday. Drove to a store. When I came out, it wouldn’t start (had 480 miles on this tank of fuel). I had 5 gallons of diesel with me and put it in. Started fine after a few cranks and went to a station. Finished filling it up with an additional 20 gallons (25.144 gallons total). So, there were 10 gallons left in the tank.

Religious maintenance and filter changes (use Baldwin PF7977 Fuel Filters). Considering it will start and run for 10 miles if you wait 15 minutes, I’m confused. Am I looking at another fuel pump replacement considering it won’t pick up the last 10 gallons of fuel?