Injection Pump 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel 5.9

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Feb 10, 2024
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1995 Dodge Ram Diesel
5.9 12 Valve
Have a bunch of inquires to ask:
What is the average cost of a shop purchasing the injection pump and installation on 1995 Dodge Ram Diesel 5.9?

Had the fuel sending unit hopefully repaired by this shop, They cleaned up probably the original sending unit. Gauge on dash was stuck on 1/2 tank after repair. Before repair gauge was stuck on empty. Also fuel tank was leaking after first sending unit attempted repair. Shop said couldn't get float through dealer. I mentioned I can get him the after market sending unit. Shop installed the new sending unit and fuel tank isn't leaking. I was charged $700.00 the first time and $700.00 the second time. I felt the right thing for the shop to do was call me and I would have had the sending unit overnighted to my house. Which I wind up doing the second time. The shop would have been ******* for a day. There is no storage for a car there, Maybe the shop would have been ******* for the day. I'm not sure. I haven't used much fuel or filled up the tank. I haven't seen the gauge move yet. I didn't say much except for I had the job done once and it didn't get repaired. He said I had to take the tank down again. I just said ok I get it. They were very fast doing the repairs and getting the truck back.

Oil gauge, it reads close to the 40 psi mark when the engine is started and when the temperature gauge isn't warmed up. When the temperature reads in the middle ( engine warm) the oil pressure drops. Still in the safe zone. I had the truck for 9 years and it has always been that way.

One more topic: Last year I put a new block heater in and a new grid heater. When I leave the block heater plugged in over night, especially after using the truck during the day, it starts right up in the morning. When it sits for 3 days it takes a little longer to start. When I plug the block heater in for 8 hours the truck takes a little longer to start then when I leave it plugged in. The only reason why I included this in my post is because I read trucks being plugged in for 4 hours and starting right up, Not mine.

Sorry for all the topics. Had a lot to talk about.