Intermintent OEM Headlight Issues - HELP!

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Aug 27, 2016
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Hemi 5.7
2015 RAM 1500 SPORT with PROJECTOR Halogen lights.

So i get this interminent problem where once in a while the driver side headlight goes out. What is weird about all this is that sometimes the driver side headlight goes out, and the passenger fog light goes out. One would think that the fog light for the driver side would go out too, not the passenger side. Doesn't make sense.

At first, I thought it was a connector issue so i cleanded them, put dielectric grease, even change out the whole headlight assembly. Still same issue. Leads me to belive that it's something do with voltage or the distribution of voltage to the lights, but it only happens intermitently, which makes me scratch my head. Have taken it to the dealer (still under warraunty), but had to pay $250 for them to tell me they could not replicate the issue. I would hate to take back to dealer and pay them again because they are unable to replicate again. And my luck the minute i drive home it starts happening. I have taken pictures and video to show the dealer that this is happening, but in order for it to be warranty covered they need to replicate the problem. UGGGGH!

I have heard that this truck year has had issues with power to the lights. Anyway aware of any TSBs or threads where someone experienced this issue and what the root cause was? I am leaning toward the TIPM (fusebox), but not sure.


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