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Lift pump issues

Discussion in 'P Pump' started by Kimo b, Jun 10, 2021 at 4:56 PM.

  1. Kimo b

    Kimo b Junior Member

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    I have a1999 ram2500 cummings it starts right up runs good ro about 3 min then starts running very poorly if you turn off truck & restart it's does the same thing you can still be rolling I also have had an issue climbing up saddle rd were the truck will just be eating up that asphalt on that hill & it's like somebody turned off the turbo I would pull over turn off truck would run fine for 10-15 min & then it would do it again I think these two things are related the injection pump is fine had a good mechanic check it he thinks it is a power issue w the lift pump which is a air dog raptor which was installed in the last 6mo it didn't fix the old problem it threw a I think po219 fuel injection pump and ecc didn't agree on were tdc was so I replaced crankshaft sensor didn't help it look like a computer issue has anyone else had similar issues& what was the solution I also would like to mention I live in a very rainy climate even stainless steel corrodes here

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