Rear Ended 3 Months old.

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    RAM Tail Gate.jpg RAM Rear End.jpg Purchased my 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie in December of 2018. We're snowbirds and drove it down (1300 miles) to our winter home in Saint Petersburg Florida. One month later while sitting to make a right hand turn a pinhead, in another 2016 RAM slams into the rear end of my truck. Needless to say my wife had to restrain me from getting out until I had calmed down. He claimed his foot slipped off of the brake pedal as his foot was wet from the car wash he was just at. I'm sure if I had looked up into the rear mirror I would have seen a cell phone in his hand. The good thing he had State Farm insurance and they took full responsibility. When we got back to Connecticut I took it to a very reputable repair shop who did a great job on it. The damage was mostly the rear bumper, Hitch, black valance and underside brackets. The tail gate had a small wide scratch on it, so the tail gate was repainted. Now the issue we are trying to resolve and my question to other 2019 RAM OWNERS: When I looked at the rear end I noticed there was a difference when you compared the right side to the left side gap between the bottom edge of the tail gate and the black valance. There are no adjustments for any of the underside attachments, i.e. bumper, hitch or valance. Everything is straight through bolts into the frame. You can see the difference in the picture when you look under the Laramie wording compared to the gap under the 4X4 lettering.

    The other issue I noted was in the tailgate straps. You can see in the picture the one on the right side is tight with no slack in it, the one on the left has slack in it. I don't know if that is common in all the 2019's, but I doubt it. My question is, is it?

    The shop and I have gone over everything tooth and nail and can't anything as of yet that would cause this. I went to a local dealer to check the gap between the bottom end of the tail gate and the valance and they are square right across, no gap difference.

    The shop and I agreed, per my request to have the frame end sections squared and triangulated with their laser equipment.

    I'm also wondering if this is a factory anomaly as I seen a back end pic on the net of a 2019 1500 Laramie back end advertising shot and seen the same condition.
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    My 2017 the tailgate sits ever so slightly canted. Can’t tell unless you know or have eagle eyes. Also my tailgate cables one of them fits loose but the other is tight. No accidents ever. I’ve seen a few trucks tailgates that seem to be ever so slightly canted. Not just rams.

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