Remmy the Blue Ram

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May 9, 2021
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Introducing: Remmy the Blue Ram

Figured I would finally start my build thread. Better pictures coming soon.

I bought Remmy in August of 2020 with 65k miles after selling my 2000 Ford ranger. Final price was 29k. She's 4 wheel drive with the 3.21 dif, and 32 gallon tank, 2017. Did not come with heated seats or steering wheel, but came with heated mirrors, dimming mirrors and practically every other feature.

This is what she looked like when I bought her.

First thing I did was take her through the woods

Remmy didn't like that very much and decided it wanted a new steering rack. Drive an hour home with no electronic power steering. Thanks eps. She lived at the shop for two weeks and then I got her back.

Afterwards I got the rebel style grille, new headlights (that were kinda garbage) and side dumped my exhaust removing my muffler and resonators

From here I have less and less pictures, but I'll see what I can do.

Laramie longhorn center console $100 on ebay (here's where I decided that overtime I'm making my bighorn into a fully speced Laramie longhorn, still a long way to go.)

Laramie longhorn floor mats $200 on fbm (they are the rubber ones with the detachable carpets, I seemingly lost the picture.)

Uaq radio install for Android auto/apple car play. I got a steal on this apparently. I paid $800! However I did kind of mess it up when playing with alfaobd too much. Now it permanently claims the truck is an SRT with all SRT options disabled

Installed a $100 catchcan and a $300 fold air intake

Installed the Bilstein leveling shocks and the bigger rear spings. 2 inches higher all the way around. Don't remember the cost of either.

Bought an unlocked ecu and i3 tuner

Did the upgrade to keyless entry and go, got the color matched chrome door handles everything works great. Cost for all parts and everything was almost $1000. Snapchat-1700475271.jpg

At just 71k, I blew my transmission. Luckily I was still under my warranty. I swapped in my factory ecu, took it to the dealer with only 3 functional gears and 6 neutrals. They repaired it under warranty and I only paid my $100 deductible.

Installed the vland sequential headlights. They got a really cool startup animation. Their ebay was running a 50% off deal so I got em for $350 (the old c lights were from spec-d and not even a year in the LEDs in the drl started dying. Had dots all over the drls of LEDs that burnt out. Horrible quality.)

At 78k my ******* attempted caulk04's thermal bypass, and I didn't complete it, went on a 10 minute drive and leaked out 4qts of transmission fluid when the improperly seated oring blew out on the highway, but it made installing the thermal bypass extremely easy and I shut off my truck before my transmission overheated thankfully

At 81k I got into a minor accident, however it finally convinced me to install an aftermarket bumper as pictured above. This was from hooke road and it was $400, came with the lighbar and shackles too. I just wired the light bar to my fog lights and disabled the fog light drop out with high beams.


Other misc stuff/plans.
She's on a fresh set of 33 inch pirelli atz tires

Has the v6 fan and a 185 tsat, sometimes that fan works too well, gets the truck down to 180 and will stay there.

No longer has active grill shutters

Has smoked led roof light

Led license plate lights

The trailer brake was recently installed

I have the 2019+ 2500 led tail lights sitting in my room. Waiting for a harness to install em.

I'm desperately searching for Laramie heated and cooled seats. I already have the digital keys in the radio enabled and the buttons in the center stack installed for em. I'm just having a tough time finding the seats.
I also am searching for a leather dash

My interior journey has barely begun but I do have some major plans for it, I'll keep you posted here when I start working on it.
I am in the middle of creating a new mediahub harness for the uaq radio. This will actually have the LEDs function and only be usable when the key is on. I have the connectors, the wires I need were ordered today, I should have more news to share next week. This will live underneath the phone mount inside the center cubby for easy connection.

Performance wise, soon she's getting a ported throttle body, long tube headers (since I already have to replace my manifold studs that are snapped) a cam and lifters, maybe the 6.4 intake manifold and 6.4 injectors. Just need to find the time for all of it.

I know for a fact I'm missing so many things, I've done so much to this truck in the past 3 years and I will continue modifying and tweaking it till I blow the engine. I plan on keeping this truck a lifetime so blowing the engine will also only be the beginning. I will post more info here as I remember/as I continue modifying it. Thanks for coming along and watching my build.

Edit: Just remembered, i have had my intake manifold off, replaced the gaskets and unplugged my mds solenoids. i run redline 5w-30 now.
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Oct 21, 2023
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Hey man, awesome build so far, can you tell me the name or give me a link for the connectors you are using to build the harness for the uaq