Swap to a Jump Seat 2024 Longhorn

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Jun 8, 2020
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I'll try to make a long story short. I have a 2021 Laramie with center Jump seat. I have to have that jump seat, my family is too big. Company owns my truck. Boss just bought a 2024 Longhorn loaded to the max because his Sierra has been on order for 7 months with no build date in site. 2 weeks after he got his Ram, they gave him a build date for the Sierra and he still wants the Sierra so he offered me the Longhorn and we'd trade in my Laramie. Obviously I'd love to upgrade my truck a few years early but I have to have the center seat for the occasion that my whole family needs to fit.

How possible is it to do console to jump seat swap? Understanding that his fancy Southfork edition tan leather will have to be custom matched at a local shop (as close as they can get it-it will be folded down 90% of the time). If I could find a jump seat that fits (brown preferably so less has to be changed), will it bolt in? How much of a mess is the dash when the console is removed? How about wiring for the rear charge ports that are in the seat? (not the end of the world if I have to give those 12 volts from another source) How cut up is the carpet? (my current front row is all one weather tech mat anyway so even if carpet were missing in the middle no one would even know it). I know this has been done, but it seems to be all going the other way with people going the other way to get rid of the jump seat (some guy on ebay trying to get 2 grand for a tan jump seat right now, ha). If this isn't reasonable, it isn't reasonable. My truck is fine and I don't want some butchered interior for the sake of losing 40k miles and gaining some fancier leather and a giant sunroof.

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