Truck not firing when cold

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Mar 2, 2015
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5.7 Hemi
Hey guys,

Just got ahold of a 2011 ram 5.7
158k very well maintained miles, though she's seen some road.

Anyway I got it at auction and there is no info that comes with it. All I ended up with was the carfax I had a friend run for me. Awesome history on the vehicle including all recommended maintenance.

So I got the truck home and cruised around for a few, then stopped at a buddy's house for a few hours. ( I live in Maine and it is -10-20 degrees on average during these frigid winter months ) when I went out to start it to leave the truck wouldn't fire.

It cranked over just fine ( no issue with juice, battery tested just under 700 cca which is what it is rated for ) but it would not fire. It has a block warmer on it so I plugged that in, and let it set for a good 20-30 minutes. When I went back out it still wouldn't fire, so we started to assume it wasn't an issue of cold, but it must have something to do with either

A) the aftermarket security system (which I have no idea a brand or anything else due to the lack of paperwork )


B) a fuel issue

So I started pushing the button to the left of my steering wheel which I assume to be some sort of security over ride for the security system? And continue trying while my buddy listens for the fuel pump to come on.

He swore he couldn't hear the fuel pump so I started quickly turning the key and jumping back to listen for it, I swore I DID hear it come on and then the next turn the truck fired.

So the next day, go out to turn on the truck, same problem, though I had not touched the aftermarket key pad AT ALL ( and haven't since ) I was confident the fuel pump was kicking on so after trying a few times to start it with it only cranking over and not firing, I plugged in the block warmer to see if the cold was the issue. Let that sit on for some 20 ish minutes and she fired up first turn.

Next day at work ( I get out of work at 6am ) she turns over the first time and no fire. Second attempt she fires up and dies, third attempt it fires fine.

Same EXACT scenario on my way back to work that night, ( about 30-45 seconds in between each try as not to flood it, if that's even possible?)

When I got out of work this morning it was -1 ( not sure that it matters or not) and the truck didn't fire on the first attempt at all, next 3-4 attempts it was firing and dying right out, then I was talking with another guy from work and he says to turn the key on and off 3-4 times to 'prime' the fuel pump. And sure as **** it worked. Though I'm not entirely convinced that was the issue because it was very close to the 3rd times a charm pattern I have been seeing.

After driving for a few I can shut the truck off and turn it right back on with no issues?

When I first got the truck it needed to be jump started, when I got back to town I had a buddy run the codes and it was reading a low voltage code, and a p1524 code.

We cleared them and the p1524 code went away the low voltage code stayed. I killed the battery screwing off in the driveway the next day and then after firing it back up and running it for a few I yanked the positive terminal just to see if the alternator was working well, ( it was ) and between those two things the check engine light went away and I have driven well over 50 miles with no sign of it coming back?

Anyway p1524 code shows Throttle Closed Position Performance - per a thread here and another place on the Internet, which lead me to believe it was a tps issue. But I assume if the tps was acting up the check engine light would be back on within 50 miles or better?

Anyway, does anyone know how to troubleshoot that code I had? Or what it even means??

Also, any ideas why the truck is acting this way?

I tried to give as much detail as I could, sorry it seems so long but that is almost all I know. Any questions let me know I will provide any info I have on it.

Just trying to figure the rig out, and why it has trouble firing.

I am fairly confident it is a fuel issue but I have really got no idea.

Thanks guys I appreciate any info


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