WOT shift issues


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Oct 13, 2022
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Redmond Oregon
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5.7 hemi
2013 ram 1500 5.7 hemi. New motor long tube headers catless y pipe and cold air intake. Got a tune from hemifever and went to run a log for him and went to do the 0-75 full throttle run and at WOT it will not shift up.. it goes to about 4k rpms and stays there until you let off and then it will shift.. tried going full throttle from about 30mph and it downshifts fine goes up to 4k and stays there and won't shift up until you let of the throttle a little bit.. it shifts fine as long as ur not full throttle no slipping shifts thru all the gears just fine even at 3/4 throttle it only has an issue with WOT.. Sean had me run a diablo performance tune to see if it changed anything and it didn't it still does it.. before the first motor blew the trans was perfect shifted fine even at WOT never had an issue. While the motor was getting swapped I went ahead and did the trans filter and fluid change and the fluid looked great didn't even have anything on the magnet. Anyone had this issue before?? Sean is saying it might be something with the throttle body? He said it looks like I let off the throttle at 4k but not? Idk I'm confused never had an issue like this before lol any help would be greatly appreciated!