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Originally Posted by tommyboi87 View Post
So opening the holes helped that much huh? Think you can post a pic of how much you open them all together?

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Sure, it'll probably be a couple weeks before I get back to it.
But I can tell you I lengthened the slots more than a 1/8" but less than 1/4" (toward to tire) I didn't take a hard measurement with calipers prior, wish I had now, but I didn't want to over do it, so will take a crack at it again and head back to firestone.
I'm going to lengthen it about 1/8" more and see if that will get me to zero camber. But a little negative isn't bad, but -2.0 was too much for a street use truck. (would like to get it between -0.25 to 0.00)

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