1. Suma Performance

    20% off SUMA Ceramic | Customer's Reviews

    Instantly achieve that new car shine with our professional-grade ceramic coating. The best part? You can do it yourself for a fraction of the price! Use the 20% off code 20DETAILOFF at check-out. WHY CUSTOMERS LOVE IT! "I love the shine it...
  2. Tbaer


    I've been using McGuiars and Turtle for many years and was happy with them but now I'm looking to take my new RAM to the next level ... I've been looking over the products from TopCoat and was wondering if I can get your views on their products. I apologize if this question was asked already...
  3. F

    Can't find USA flag badge?

    No site seems to make a tailgate badge emblem like this but a normal looking red white and blue USA flag with the stars and stripes in the top left. There are some that are that design but are always all blacked out. Any links?
  4. H

    Winter road salt care

    So I live in Ohio and we're currently getting snow here and there so far but we will get the big snow eventually. I wanted to figure out a way to keep my truck clean during the winter as well as clean off the road salt off it. I need help with a routine or techniques to do so weekly or...
  5. Southernrammer

    The Last Coat - Instant Surface Protectant

    Has anyone used this stuff? Have been seeing a ton of different products in my Facebook feed and this one has me tempted to jump on it. I have watched a couple videos on different waxes and sealants but the last coat wasn't one of the products tested. I have seen a video showing it was better...
  6. Drunken Hamster

    Problems with truck, looking for insight.

    Hey, guys, finally got around to posting this. There are several things wrong with my truck that I want to iron out, so I'll get right to it. -Got a P0071 the other day. Ambient Air Temp sensor. Dunno how this affects the truck, should I be worried? Would the fix be to just get a new sensor...
  7. pavementprincess

    How to Restore Plastic Chrome Rims?

    I have a pair of plastic chrome rims. They had gotten extremely dirty after about 6 months of not being cleaned. I did spend a good amount of money and time carefully cleaning them with microfiber sponges, wheel cleaner, and a light amount of 0000 grade steel wool. They came out great but I...
  8. ramportin1

    Reflection/Shine show off zone

    The detailing section of this forum is the reason i got into detailing, i kid you not i never in my life used a polisher or a real wax or any kind of detailing product at all outside of parts store car soap. I stumbled into the detailing section here and i saw so many members making threads with...
  9. Drunken Hamster

    Detailing Truck With Christmas Money; Need Advice

    This is edited from my build thread that wasn't getting answers fast enough. I have a deadline. I need this stuff to arrive and be done by the end of the 1st. So, this month I've saved up about $800 usable dollars for myself and was kinda at a crossroads on what to do with it. Save it? All on...

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