oil temp

  1. J

    292 Oil Temp??

    Hey guys I was just cruising and my oil temp was at 292° F and my oil change light came flashing on. I just did the oil just under 3,000 miles ago. Outside air temp was 30° F. Water temp was slightly above half on the gauge. Oil pressure was reading 3/4 on the gauge. I’m at 130,000 miles and...
  2. B

    CEL - Code P0197

    2008 Ram 1500 5.7 4x2 86k miles. Truck is throwing P0197 code, “engine oil temp sensor ‘a’ circuit low” My auto parts stores don’t have a sensor for engine oil temp. I believe the sensor is located right above the oil filter. Any ideas, or does someone have a part number? I purchased a...