side steps

  1. Frisk

    Paint for Ram Side Steps

    I have a set of black Ram Side steps on my 2016 Ram 1500. The steps are holding up well except for the area were by foot goes the paint has worn off. I have the driver's seat set are far back as it will go which means that when I step out of the truck my foot contacts the side step not on the...
  2. A

    2022 Ram 2500 OEM Running Boards

    I made the mistake of not ordering running boards and now that my 2022 RAM is finally here my family has trouble getting and and out of it. Tried doing a bunch of research, but things are not all that clear. My #1 choice are the "Painted Flat Wheel-to-Wheel Side-Steps" (to match the Night...
  3. M

    Can anyone identify these nerf bars?

    Looking for some help identifying these nerf bars. Specifically looking for ones that extend past the cab in the rear. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dan90


    2017 Ram 1500 sport wheels with Nitto tires. Tires are 285/65R20 (35X11.5) Nitto Exo Grapplers. 34,000 miles on them. About 11.4 mm of tread or around 14/32. Wheels are in very good shape. Willing to separate wheels and tires. Pick-up only, located in Midland Michigan. I would be willing to...
  5. G

    Quad Cab Steps/Running Boards

    I just purchased a 2020 Big Horn Quad Cab and I underestimated how high the truck is. I like the look of the factory installed side steps but I am having trouble determining the OEM part number for the stainless steel wheel-to-wheel running boards for the quad cab model (the dealership is far...
  6. T

    So... how much hardware is missing from my factory side steps?

    Preamble- from my inspection it seems the 1500 and HD trucks for 2019 use different mountings for side steps, so this thread applies to HD specifically. (Classics might be the same, I haven't checked) Issue 1: Today I'm under the truck closing up the taped over holes in the rockers, and I noted...
  7. Tonneaucovered

    We offer more then just Tonneau Covers

    In addition to Tonneau Covers, we also sell Side Steps, Bed Steps, Bed Rugs, Floor mats and more. Give Peter or Shaun a call today for a quote.
  8. OEDRO

    4 inch Running Boards, Best Deals Here, Up to 30% Off

    OEDRO’s running boards use the latest technology to protect your Dodge Ram 1500 while offering the support you need. Made with all-in-one heavy duty steel tubes that offer the best in durability, corrosion protection, and strength. OEDRO 4 inch Running Boards, for 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad...
  9. H

    OEM part number for Ram 1500 Lone Star W2W running boards?

    Hello all. I'm on the hunt for a set of OEM Ram 1500 Lone Star Crew Cab wheel to wheel running boards to fit a 2016 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew Cab (Pictured below). Near as I can tell these were only offered on the Lone Star Silver edition. Is that correct? Either way, can anyone provide the OEM part...
  10. S

    Unable to remove oem step bars

    Im having trouble removing my stock step bars on my 2008 ram. The two bolts that mount the steps to the body keep spinning. There’s some kind of tab on the other side of the bolt (that i can’t access) which is preventing the bolts from coming all the way out. Does anyone know any tricks or what...