2016 Ram 2500 DEF Testing help


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Nov 9, 2022
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I hope someone has a good answer for me. 2016 Ram 2500 6.7L that just had the SCR and injector replaced because they were "bad". Well, the issue is still there. P20E9 code "Reductant pressure too High" is the important one but it also had the P2BAC NOx exceeded, EGR Disabled. I wanted to try to check the pump and flow by doing the 6 min "Flow test". I think the proper term is over boost something on the scan tool. Scan tool states cannot perform test due to active codes. I have cleared all codes but the P2BAC will not clear. I have read the vehicle has to be re-flashed or three drive cycles for the code to be removed. I'm pretty sure the pump is bad, but I don't want to change a $1200 pump and find out that is not it. Can I use jumper wires to test the pump. If I have things re-flashed at dealer, can I get it on and off trailer before it trips the code again. I am using a high dollar snap on scan tool but could Alphaobd benefit me more for this. Any help or more knowledge would be great.