2018 Ecodiesel and losing audio/climate

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Feb 28, 2013
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Clinton, Arkansas
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5.7 HEMI

Thanks to previous owner or dealer, the wiring harness plug for DEF system failed, shorting the DEF pump. In the process of diagnosing, I disconnected battery (several times). Service DEF, see dealer was showing with countdown. Drive to dealership. That morning, climate controls in the UConenct 8.4 were stuck on “LO” with fan blowing at max.

Dealer flashed it to get radio/climate back working. They diagnosed the messed up harness and shorted def pump. Wanted $3300 for new def tank/pump.

Got truck back and had it deleted (including ECU programming).

Truck has been running fine since I got it back a couple of weeks ago.

Got in this evening and the radio gremlin has returned. This time SiriusXM has vanished from the screen (though account info still shows in the settings screen!).

But the most troubling is the climate control is back stuck on “LOW” so just blows cold air at full blast. Cannot adjust temp. I can manually turn off the climate controls.

Now- I’m stuck. If I go to the dealership- they will want to reflash the computer, I’m sure. But will that affect the delete programming? If so- then it probably would disable the truck altogether.

Anyone have some legit insight?