All 4 front speaker lose sound when volume is turned past 24

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Sep 25, 2023
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Hey all so let me start by saying I am not an audio technician or an expert by any means! I have a 4th gen 2022 ram classic single cab 3.6L v6 with the basic 6 speaker sound system. I bought some subs and amp off marketplace. Got a cheapo Loc from autozone and hooked everything up. System fired up so I was testing it out and when you turn the volume up over 20 the front right speakers go out and anything over 24 the other 2 go out aswell. In order to restore sound I have to remove the negative from the battery. Thought the subs were just drawing too much power from the factory headunit so I bought the jl audio loc 22 and can only get it to power on for about 30 seconds. I’ve tried getting power from the amp, direct from the battery, the cigarette lighter, and the main red wire on the back of the head unit and the same outcome each time. Only comes on for about 30 seconds. So that’s another issue in its own. Now I have everything disconnected aside from the cheap loc still being spliced into to the front L/R radio wires, but the power wire and rcas are disconnected from the loc and I’m still experiencing loss of sound in my front right speakers when the volume goes over 20 and the left follow shortly after when I turn up past 24. Any help recommendations where I messed up would be greatly appreciated. Spend so much time in my truck and just want to be able to thump lol.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Factory system needs to see resistance on each speaker output so a cheap LOC is not going to work as it doesn't put a load on the existing 4 channels. You can buy load resistors specifically designed for this for audio control, the issue with your amp is it's actually clipping when you're cranking it up and when it clips that means that channel is not seeing any signal anymore. So your radio is shutting down output to that channel to try to save the system from damage. This is the problem with trying to upgrade the audio system the cheap way and set of using the correct parts.