Brake Job Done!

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Feb 22, 2020
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Performed the brake line bleed/fluid flush this AM to finish the brake job. As I related in earlier posts, the failure of the PB pads was totally unexpected and naturally added some time to the project.

I used Wagner OEX pads and AC Delco Professional rotors (best Chinese quality). I broke the pads in according to Wagner's routine, 20 stops from 30 MPH to 0 with 30 seconds between cycles. The rotors had a nice bluish tint to them when finished.

I adjusted the PB to hold the truck on hillsides either nose up or down. They will stop the truck from 25MPH reasonably well. (PowerStop PB shoes, their suggested break-in routine.)

The PB pedal goes to the floor pretty easily yet the parking brakes seem to be doing their job. Holding on a hillside seems to be the criteria. I am hesitant to tighten them up more as I don't want the shoes dragging too much in the rotors. I have not touched the PB cable as there was no issue before I started.

The OEM pads were toast at 92K.

I bled the lines manually, then used my TopDon OBD reader to do the ABS bleed. Got a bit of air out of the system doing the ABS bleed.

Truckaroo stops well with no noise. Brake pedal is nice and firm. I must've done something right.


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Oct 27, 2023
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I have replaced every brake part, line and hose in my 2005 Dodge RAM 2500.
And when I say EVERYTHING, I mean it. SST Lines, hoses, calipers, booster, MC, ETC.
Including, replacing the Kelsey-Hayes ABS Pump/Module. (HATE)
I have bled the system 1M times using a vacuum canister and the pedal method.
Cycled the ABS Pump with my Autel MX808 scanner 1M times.
Setup the LF brake up with a submerged clear line in a canister with brake fluid, cycled the brake alone and with the ABS bleed.
No air bubbles at any corner.

Rock hard pedal with engine OFF. Halfway to the floor with engine ON.

Has to be this GOD FORSAKEN Kelsey-Hayes ABS block that has air trapped in it still.

Last option for me is to take the truck out of the shop and lock up the brakes somewhere to get the ABS to fully actuate and hopefully pass this air downstream.
Then bleed it again!

Any sage advice out there?