Intermediate HVAC Controls

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Nov 14, 2023
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Littleton Colorado
Ram Year
6.7 diesel
Alright I’m looking for your help here, after lots of research I am still coming up with lots of conflicting answers.

2016 Ram 2500 big horn with the 6.7 diesel. I can't figure out what the issue is with my HVAC system. It has the 8.4 uconnect system and dual climate controls.

What's happening:
erratic actuator response - most of the time if I set the temperature and the vent that I want when I get home for the night, in the morning it will work to what I had set it to. But if I try changing it while driving it will be stuck on the temperature and most likely not change. If I try to change the vent it might work or it might not. Sometimes even though I had set it to what I want the night before it might not blow the correct temperature and is stuck on the floor vent only.
I’ve truck is also pulling 2 codes
B11CB-92 - Main/Left Temperature Door 1 Control - Performance or Incorrect Operation
B11CB-12 - Main/Left Temperature Door 1 Control - Circuit Short to Battery

I have changed the HVAC control module, and I have changed the blend door actuator that is behind the glove box. I have calibrated after these were installed and all actuators have passed calibration. I have seen no change in the erratic response with these fixes.