need help changing entire dash in 96 ram 2500

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Dec 17, 2023
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El Dorado, California
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5.9 Cummins
Hi, just bought a 96 ram 2500 4x4 club cab w/cummins, dash and interior are trashed, dash is destroyed...i picked up a 97 2500 2 whl drive club cab with a great dash and interior...i have already gutted seats and carpet in both trucks , now working on the dashes, not much left of the 96 dash, not too worried if there isnt a dash to go back in it, ill try and sell the truck as is ...i took a video of it running and driving....anyway, i cant find any good videos of removing the dash on these trucks...i am soo afraid im going to break the good dash in the 97...any ideas on how to do this? i have the wiring harness unplugged and heater control vacuum lines unplugged...just dont know the procedure ....i have the steering column unbolted from under the dash and let down . i removed the lower dash brackets on the dash in the 96 and the dash got real unstable and broke more...i want to leave the bottom metal piece on the 97 if thats possible..i took the steering wheel off ,will that give me enough room to get the dash off? hope this makes sense...any help would be appreciated...