P1524 in the 2013 ram 2500 heavy duty ST/Tradesmen 5.7 V8 hemi

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May 23, 2024
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5.7 V8 Hemi
So I got on this discussion and realized that although the 1500 ram has the same engine as all of them, I am posting specifically about my 2013 ram 2500 HD V8 hemi 5.7, so the next person that is looking for this truck specifically can find the answer to this truck specifically lol.

A little while ago, the engine light came on and the p1524 code came up on my reader and it could’ve been a number of things with the oil pressure. Mind you your oil pressure in that truck should be in the 50s when it’s cold and in the 40s or 30s when it’s warm. it always goes up to 50 when you’re hitting the gas but when you’re in idle and it’s warm, it will go down to 39 or 35. My oil pressure was at 25 to 15.

So first, I changed the oil pressure sensor twice. The engine light came on still.

Then I changed my valve cover, gaskets. The oil pressure improved because one of the gaskets was damaged.
But after a minute the oil pressure still went down. The pressure never went past 38 at this point.

After realizing that the oil pressure sensor is working fine. And the gaskets and everything were fine because I replaced them and checked all the other ones everywhere. It dawned on me. There was pressure, but it wasn’t going up after it started to get hot… it’s the oil filter. The oil filter is clogged.

So I go and change my oil and I put 5W 20 full synthetic Valvoline and I put a k&n oil filter on it. Sure enough after I did this, oil pressure was back past the 50s into the 60s almost cold and idle at 50 cold, and when it was warm, 40 to 48 idle and the pressure when pushing the gas goes up to 55 or 58 or 60 depending on how I push the gas. Back to normal. It’s running perfect.

Then I figured out from reading on a lot about my truck, the truck does not like a cheap oil filter. Do you have to have a good one. Maybe some people get away with it on their trucks, not me and not this truck. Because the cheap oil filter was on there and it clogged. I cracked open the oil filter and it looked clogged.

So before you go to a mechanic and they tell you that it’s the cam shaft, retard disabled like they told me and then another one said that it wasn’t that… Check the oil filter. And mind you that the oil pressure sensor does go out on that truck there was a problem With it and a recall about it, but if you get a brand new sensor that didn’t come stock with that then you should be fine. And sometimes in the oil filter, when changing it, an air bubble will get in there of some sort. I don’t know how that happened, it didn’t happen to me, but I read about it and that will also make that code come up.

Hope this helped


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Nov 2, 2020
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3.0 ecodiesel
on the newer 5.7L engines
They have discovered that the latest OEM oil filters are actually a bit too small.
If you use the other OEM Oil Filter, which is just a bit larger, the Trouble code goes away

I did not mention cheap, less costly oil filters, like a $6.00 Fram, mostly because, i want my engine to last