Winch and smart alternator

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Jul 6, 2021
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Just a quick question to see if anyone has sorted this.

Fitting a front bar and 12000lb winch to my 2021 1500 classic Express.

Trying to sort out the winch 0V connection. These have a smart alternator. On previous cars I've fitted a heavy duty 0V battery terminal with 2 posts on it, and run the winch straight to the battery. This is how I have done the +12V connection to the winch isolator. However the 0V terminal has the smart alternator sensing module which makes it hard to do anything at the battery. I am planning to put a 600A 0V busbar near to the battery and run the winch 0V lead to that. I'll also tie the oV busbar to one of the chassis/body bolts. However it still isn't easy to get a good large cable connection to the 0V terminal on the alternator side of the module - it only has a very small stud out of it and not a lot of contact area. Something like 50sqmm cable is what I'll use. Has anyone seen a method of dealing with this? Or any aftermarket way to resolve it? I guess I can make something if I have to, but still worried about contact area. There is also no extra thread on the stud to put an extra lug under, the vehicle harness has two connections and the nut barely fits with those.

Here is the sensor:

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