8.4 radio upgrade

  1. H

    UAS Upgrade No Carplay

    Recently completed the upgrade from the Harmon 5" to the Panasonic 8.4" Android Auto works flawlessly. Apple Carplay will not. Thought it may be a FW/SW issue but nothing I've read through states others having this iissue. INCLUDED PHOTOS just in case. Have tried all basics I can think of...
  2. JPatterson98

    Uconnect 8.4 UAQ upgrade

    2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Crew I’m currently deployed. Bought this for when I get home. I already know it will work as planned, but I will need to update my USB port in the console, as well as get some sort of wireless dongle to use CarPlay wirelessly. Question: Has anyone bought a dongle to use...
  3. USPatriot1776

    Upgrading Radio from RA1 to RA4 w/o going to single zone ATC

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade my truck's radio from the base RA1 to the RA4. I currently have the new RA4 on its way to me. However I am running into an issue, my truck does not have steering wheel audio control. I started an order on infotainment for this bezel: I know this bezel requires...
  4. J

    RA2 to RA3 CarPlay bugs

    I ordered a kit from infotainment.com, that contained a bezel, HVAC, 7 speed fan resistor, 911 assist over-ride, and all the necessary cables. I then got a radio from a guy on kijiji in order to save me 1000 dollars on not buying their radio. I am having a lot of problems after installing these...
  5. Mpgrimm2

    DIY: 2013-2017 RA3/RA4 8.4" Radio Upgrade/HVAC Conversion

    ** THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. PLEASE BE PATIENT WHILE I RECREATE THE DELETED THREAD & ASSOCIATED LINKS AGAIN ** see ... 2013+ radio thread missing. ** Posts 1-12 and 15 are updated with working links and pictures ** I take NO credit for any of this, just wanted to sum this info up for...