1. A

    Swapped a 1996 2wd 3500 to a 1999 4x4 3500 frame.

    Hey y’all, first time poster, but I’ve learned so much reading forums and wanted to share my experience with my latest project. For a little background, about 8 years ago I bought a 2wd 1996 Ram 3500 dually with a 12 valve Cummins, a 47re, and geared at 3.54, at about 180k miles. At 261k miles I...
  2. MarineBSP

    Parking Brakes - DIY links and tips

    My 2018 RAM 1500 has about 90K miles and five Minnesota winters. I recently did a full brake job on all four corners . . . in the process I realized I needed new Parking Brakes (PB’s) and their hardware too. For those of you who may replace your PB’s (and rear brakes), this is my “Road Map to...
  3. Justthebutler

    Wheel Upgrade

    Hey Y'all I thought I would share a DIY wheel refinish if anyone is interested in doing it themselves. I really like the look of the stock 17" 5 spoke wheels, and they looked great on my truck; But I was due for tires and thought I would upgrade the look of the truck a bit. The stock 5 spoke...
  4. H

    Quad to OEM Projector DIY Harness

    I picked up a set of 2013+ projectors from a buddy who upgraded to aftermarkets about a month ago. My truck is a 2012 with quads, and for the past 2 days ive been working on a DIY harness to convert over to the projectors but have reached a standoff between myself and the lowbeam/highbeam...
  5. D

    Question on Removal of HVAC 2013 Ram 1500...

    I have the Dash Moved out of the way... I am trying to get to the Blend Door Actuator on the backside of the HVAC box. but... it appears go get to that I need to remove this bolt: Which would then... I believe detach the line going to the AC. I think one is a pressure line the other carries...
  6. Articlonestar

    Air ride replacement help

    Hey everyone! Happy new years! I have a 2015 ram 1500 quad cab with 4x4 and active level air suspension. I have had the dreaded sag whenever I park and finally but the bullet and bought all 4 new air bags and compressor with valve block. I purchased the springs from TRQ as it wasn't a bazillion...
  7. Plainbroke

    Is the 4th Gen DIY Not being Updated Anymore?

    Not seeing anything new since 2017 in the Primary Page of DIY section. Is there nothing new or is it just not being updated anymore?
  8. Thebusdriver

    ZF 8 speed transmission fluid change

    Hey y’all. Been a reader for a while and this is my first post. Tackled a transmission fluid change in my 2014 Ram 1500 5.7L hemi with the ZF 8 speed @ 100k miles. Researched for weeks on how to do it, the information out there is somewhat confusing and incomplete but we were able to get it...
  9. M

    Air Diverter Valve Replacement 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins

    Hi, so i have a 2016 Ram 2500 Cummins that needs an Air Diverter Valve replacement. I have the part coming and wanted to do the install by myself if possible but wasn't sure if its a big job and really involved or something I can handle with your typical home mechanics tools. I couldn't find any...
  10. Thepopeofpoland

    Another A/C Problem thread

    I have a 2013 1500 Bighorn with the touch screen but not the one with the nav, and the whole system glitched out and turned on and off about 5 times while I was driving yesterday. 4 times in rapid succession off on off on off on off on. then the whole system stayed on but the A/C said it was off...
  11. A

    2003 Ram 1500 transmission fluid leak?

    Hello all, I just recently purchased my first truck, a 2003 Ram 1500 2wd. I noticed this morning that there was a stain underneath the truck and that the seal where the transmission attaches to the driveshaft was wet with fluid. I'm pretty sure it's transmission fluid, and if it is, how serious...
  12. Beaverfevers99

    Is it serious issue?

    Just bought 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT in northern Canada. I’m just cleaning up the vehicle due to mud & rust. I found wires sticking out from round parts. Vehicle did not come with manual(just ordering one from Amazon). I don’t know what those and how serious these issues are. I have no trouble...
  13. Waterfowler41

    How to: Install Core 4x4 Rear Lower Control Arms

    The following is a quick walk-through of how to install Core4x4 lower control arms. Even if you are just replacing like for like, this walk through will apply. I installed some fixed length lower control arms on my 2020 Ram Rebel the other day. These will beef up the rear suspension and...
  14. patrickocake

    crack in fuel tank

    I had a crack in my fuel tank. I used a soldering iron to melt the crack together and JB welded the outside of the tank to make sure it doesn't leak. Any thoughts?
  15. T

    Stripped CCV Cover Nuts DIY Fix

    Thanks to COVID-19, I've been working on my truck to keep myself sane and save some money. This is a DIY repair tutorial for anyone that may have a stripped nutsert housing for the CCV (crankcase vent) cover bolts. It will be long and detailed! Cost of repair the "right way" = $500. Cost of...
  16. SuperUnknownSG

    Post pictures of your light bars!!

    I am looking for ideas to mount a clean light bar on my 2018 ram Laramie 1500! I would love to fit one behind my grill will the active air shutter. But of course i am open to any ideas. Post those pictures of your rigs!!!!
  17. R


    I was wondering about doing brakes. When sliding the new pads in is it ok if they are tight against the rotor or do they have to have a space and be kind of springy. I placed mine in and they are tight against the rotor so I stopped in case this was incorrect. Any help will be greatly...
  18. Brentmainemane


    Hello all new to your forum. Well I bought a 03 with a 5.9 going over it all and there was green coolant in it and I topped it off with green. The Napa dood said it's fine I don't trust him. I'm new to HOAT and will be doing the plugs and wires and wondering if I should invest in a new...
  19. A

    A little knowledgeable expertise is welcomed.

    Hi I'm new here but glad to be apart of the community. So I have a 2005 dodge ram 5.7 i put an 04 motor in. But I've heard different people say different things, next project is I'm asking how hard it will be to put a 2004 5.7 hemi motor in a 2002 ram 1500 that previously had a 4.7 motor in it...
  20. R

    Headlight bulb change

    I am doing a bulb change I just ordered an led kit to change over. Is there any possible way to change the bulbs without pulling the headlights out. I live in Canada and it’s cold now I don’t want to park it in a shop for a few hours before I even start just so it’s work and I don’t break...
  21. Lava

    Axle Swap Or Axle Upgrades For Rock Crawling?

    I currently own a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 ST. This comes with a Dana 44 in the front and a Chrysler 9.25 in the rear. First off, this is my first ever vehicle I am still a teen and money gets really tight when it comes to modifying my truck. Now coming to my question, I have heard that the Chrysler...
  22. G

    Torque converter issues

    Hey what’s up folks, new to the forum and dodge. I bought a 06 5.9 a few months ago to haul my camper with. Recently it started to make a squealing noise when you’d let off the throttle, it would go away once you cracked the throttle, I had thought just quickly belt squeak or turbo whine of some...
  23. DizzyFranco

    What cause my ring gear wear to look this way?

    is there anything useful that can be learned from this wear pattern? if you are experienced with differentials, can you tell me what caused it? backlash too much or not enough? pinion depth? btw its a chrysler 9.25 axle side adjusters and i believe the pinion has crush sleeve. 96 5.9L v8 4x4
  24. N

    DIY running boards/hoop steps

    So, i shopped around and couldnt find what i wanted. Came to the conclusion of just building my own. I havent came across anything on this forum about doing so, to try and gather additional info or tips that would be helpful or things i should be aware of or missed. For mounting brackets i...
  25. D

    Alarm Shock Sensor

    Hey Everyone! Are you aware that your factory ram alarm will only sound when the door is opened after it's been appropriately locked? You can literally smash out every window in it and the alarm will never sound unless the door is opened! The factory alarm on my 2018 is integrated with...