drag link

  1. RamShark1

    2015 2500HD 4x4 alignment, recall issue, Help

    Hello Everyone- I need some input on my 2015 2500 4x4 currently in the body shop with a front alignment issue probably from a hit and run front left swipe. My right front tire started wearing fast. I though maybe it was just one of my aggressive driving moves and blew it off, unfortunately I...
  2. 18MegaRam

    Drag Link Reimbursement?

    Has anyone been reimbursed when replacing the drag link with an after-market Synergy drag link as related to the drag link recall? I've seen a lot of talk about the "weld" repair, but nothing about reimbursement for a real fix.
  3. R

    Drag Link V06 Recall

    So normally I dont like to complain about stuff but certain situations require it. Before this recall came out I noticed my steering wheel was off center so I immediately checked the drag link. Low and behold you could have turned those two nuts with your hands that's how loose they were from...