1. J

    292 Oil Temp??

    Hey guys I was just cruising and my oil temp was at 292° F and my oil change light came flashing on. I just did the oil just under 3,000 miles ago. Outside air temp was 30° F. Water temp was slightly above half on the gauge. Oil pressure was reading 3/4 on the gauge. I’m at 130,000 miles and...
  2. A

    Tire pressure confusion

    I’ve done a search and can’t seem to find the answers to these questions. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed many times. 2021 3500 limited longhorn High output diesel, 8 foot bed, automatic air leveling, 4 x 4, dual rear wheels, 5,000 lbs payload capacity Tires: Nexen Roadian HTX...
  3. Goosewhole

    HD tire PSI

    I am looking to replace the stock tires on my 2017 2500. They are currently stock LT275/70R18, and I want to upgrade to LT35x12.50R18. I know the recommended PSI in the rear tires is 80, per the door tag, but I can't find a 35 inch tire that has that high of a Max PSI rating. Can the computer be...
  4. SniperDroid

    Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring TTPMS

    I'm getting ready to attempt adding this to my 2019 2500 Bighorn, and was wondering if you could provide the parts? The Part numbers I would need should be as follows: 68375990AC Bumper Receiver 68404893AB Headliner Module 68412666AA TIM Pigtail Cable 68433188AA TPMS Sensors Kit I...
  5. Daniel Ortiz

    2017 (or thereabout) Rebel Load & Inflation Placard

    Howdy! So I'm trying to better understand the tire pressures FCA decided to go with for the Rebel, especially that 55/45 split (did anyone figure that out?), as well as for the regular 1500s like my own. I've searched around a decent amount but can't find any images of the 2017 (or thereabout)...
  6. SuburbanCowboy

    Oil pressure question for 89 W150

    Anyone know where the needle should be sitting on a 89 W150 with a 5.9 liter V8 OHV 16V? If it helps, it's got 7,500 miles on a rebuilt engine.
  7. Andrew Hansen

    Please identify this hose '04 Ram 1500

    During my injector swap earlier today my hand hit a tiny hose as I was moving some cabling to the side. The hose is about 3/16 in diameter. As the hose was brittle, and pressurized with air, it snapped easy against my brake booster. A tiny hose comes out at the top of my firewall, and into a...