2015 Power Wagon Battery Issue, Truck will die while driving.

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Sep 7, 2022
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6.4 Hemi
My 2015 Power Wagon with the 6.4 Hemi will shut down while driving. It seems the battery (new June 2021) Napa Premium AGM doesn't hold a charge or doesn't charge well. I don't drive it a lot so I put it on a charger about every 2 weeks. I went camping this weekend and had charged it up prior to leaving. Drove about 70 miles towing my 16' camp trailer and got to where I was going fine. Drove home the next day not towing to pick up my wife and we drove back up no problems. On way home yesterday truck died about halfway home. Checked voltage and it was low, about 12.5 I think. I tightened the connections and bam we're back on the road and got home without any problem. The issue I think I'm having maybe is getting the battery post connections tight enough, but I'm reaching the limit of tightness but I think they aren't tight enough, they will move on the post if I try to move them without to much effort. Alternator is good. Could the posts be defective, slightly small? Is there something I can put on the posts to make them slightly bigger? I'm pulling the battery and taking it to the local Napa store tomorrow to see what they say.