At a crossroads.. 8.4 or aftermarket


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Aug 9, 2014
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Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I'm at the crossroad right now. It just seems that either option will have my OCD going crazy. I want to get a unit that will allow me to use Apple CarPlay. Honestly, I'm not a huge android fan, however my friend has one of those Android head units in his X Terra it seems to work really well. The one thing that doesn't sit well with me is that fact that if a car door is open, it shows a generic car instead of a Ram. I would like it to show a Ram. It's those little things, that I know can be changed and done with a little work.
I've seen the installs of the 2018 factory Head unit and the install of the center media hub and they don't look great. I'm guessing I will have to splash out for a console insert in order to get it to fit just right. Reading up also, it kind of seems that some functions won't work unless you install more adapters and units.

Both solutions can be done really well if you get the right parts and with a little extra effort.
I was even considering a 3rd option of using an iPad. The good thing about the iPad option is that you can undock it and walk away with it and you can replace it with a newer iPad when it gets too old.

Then I came across this..

I thought only Phoenix and Linkswell only had these units. The interesting thing is that these guys are getting good reviews.
I'm puzzled though.. On Phoenix’ website, for Apple CarPlay you need to buy a separate adapter for 170 - 270USD. The very same unit and these guys linked above say it comes with Apple Carplay built in.
So what is the deal there? Is this the same unit? Do I really need the adapter for CarPlay? Or is it really built in..

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