Feeling disappointed with Ram...

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Oct 4, 2019
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You have a lot of posts already, but I found a local Diesel shop who is going to install a refurbished part. They will warranty it for a year, which will hopefully get me to a point where Mopar is a fixed part. My truck is currently at the shop right now so I can not tell you if the refurbished part will work, however this is not the first Ram the shop has fixed with this issue.

I too agree this is a big deal, I could even live with it, but the cruise control does not work either and I do a lot of long drives towing a trailer. I can not live without cruise control.

I paid $250 for my dealer to diagnose the problem and tell me there is not parts until at least February, and another 1100 for a used part at the local Diesel shop. I really like my truck, but this will be my last Ram if there is not a recall for this part.