Leaks, leaks, leaks.

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Jan 24, 2020
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Seattle area
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Since I acquired this truck several years ago I have been chasing the oh so common leaks. Here's all the leaks I have found on mine and hopefully there won't be any more surprises this fall.

Center brake light. Well known issue. I have the cargo cam light not that it matters. I pulled the light out and wouldn't ya know there was prior body damage in that area. I knew this truck had been used and used well before I bought it evidenced by the wavy bed and obvious repairs to the tailgate. It looks to me like something fell over in the bed and smacked the cab in the center. When they did the repair they didn't get the body lines quite right behind the brake light resulting in a leak. Try as I might I couldn't get it to line up perfectly so I succumbed to a bead of silicone behind the brake light. I don't care. I just want it to quit leaking.

Rear window. Factory slider. Looks like it was also replaced at one time and whoever installed it put that urethane right across the 2 bottom drain holes. Those holes are tiny as it is and I can see how they'd easily get clogged. What happens is the channel that the window slides in fills with water because the drains are clogged then runs into the truck via the slider channel. I do not have a good solution to this other than to pull the back glass and install it properly. For now I just put some wide electrical tape along the seams to prevent water from getting in there. I don't use the rear slider as the gearbox is messed up and I have a headache rack which basically blocks it all anyhow.

GPS / Sirius antenna. Dropped the headliner a bit and of course I could see evidence of water seeping in there. Pulled the antenna and laid a thin bead of silicone around the inner seal. Hopefully this solves it.

I might just remove the back glass and install a one piece unit. That'll stop it once and for all.

Any other places I am missing? Roof trim pieces? Firewall seams?