Long time lurker finally joined.

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Jan 3, 2023
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Hello .

I’ve been lurking this forum for years now. And appreciate all the help your threads and collective experience has given me.

Through happenstance I have always opened dodges. That’s just the vehicles I found when I was looking, I’ve never been left stranded, they’ve always taken my heavy beatings, and any failures have always been my own abuse and doing,

My first vehicle was a 1989 dodge Dakota Sport. Red, Single cab V6 5spd standard 4x4 with red interior on 33” tires and 3” body lift. Loved that truck and always wanted another one. It treated me well in the Okanagan as a teenager.

In 2004 I traded for an SX2.0 sport (loved it but we don’t talk about that here)

In 2013 I stepped up to a ‘13 6.7L 3500 crew cab Laramie. I deleted EGR/DEF at 48,000km in Northern Alberta, 5” TBE and stock turbo with BullyDog.

In 2015 I bought a 2010 1500 TRX4 with the Hemi. Did the BullyDog accompanied with ignition system upgrades and proper fuel. Upgraded to factory dual exhaust with the sport bumper, levelled with bilsteins upgrade the thermostat for more heat in our AB winters. Sold that truck to a friend in 2019 but absolutely loved it too.

In 2016 I traded my ‘13 diesel in for my current ‘16 3500 crew cab. 6.7L CTD. 68RFE and 3.73 rear end. Deleted at 128,000km due to a failed turbo actuator (finally had an excuse) so I replaced everything from the block to the tail pipe.

She’s on 35”x12.5” on factory steel and no spacers or lift. 6 years in and there’s 1-1.5mm wear in the bar behind the tires and a scuff or two on the inner plastic fender. It’s a highway/toy hauler that sees very little off-road. (But sure is fun when it happens)

For Engine/Trans I went with EZLynk and CPP tuning from Dirty Diesel Customs. BD Diesel Ironhorn turbo/manifold kit and S363.5 non VGT turbo. Stayed with the 4” exhaust and have immediate plans to upgrade the cold side (factory dented) boost tube for true 4” in/out. Eventually I’ll add a EB brake again. I also did the fleece coolant bypass kit, and throttle valve delete.

Future plans include relocating grid heater and upgrading head studs/fine tuning valve lash. From my understanding this will net me around a fair 500HP +/- and let’s face it, I’m good with that.

Inside I’ve got the 8.4Nav unit, I’m waiting on my MX+ and I’ll be set up with AlphaOBD to program new fobs (mine are shot). And eventually upgrade to the 5th gen touch screen if possible. I’ll settle for 5th gen rear lights and cross path detection but this all costs $$ so it’s a 2-4 year plan.

This is all possible thanks to this forum and some additional help help from the diesel forum also.

Thank you all who contribute and I look forward to posting a little more around here in the future,


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Jan 31, 2013
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@Dodgedude780 Welcome to RamForum, glad we've been able to help spend your money over the years!


Mar 21, 2016
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Welcome aboard! Enjoy the project