New here 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Tradesman Crew Cab 4WD 5.7 Bed V8


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Mar 7, 2022
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New here with 2022 Ram 1500 Classic Tradesman Crew Cab 4x4 5.7 Bed V8 32 gal tank and blackout package on Delmonico Red
Drove a 1985 Dodge D250 4x4 work truck with 300 gallon spray tank in the late 90s - capable, and well ridden with over 3500 lbs of water and equipment in the 8' bed. She creaked a lot at the end of her service life.

As kids came along it was Dodge minivans, Subarus, Land-Rovers, and then a 2010 VW Routan Van with the 3.6L Chrysler Pentastar for the last 11 years.
Well in January 2022 the Routan blew an oil cooler hose at 80 mph outside Orlando, FLA, as I got to the side of the road I heard the death knock in the engine. The local Chrysler, RAM, Jeep dealer confirmed it needed a new engine (BS it needed new mains and rod bearings) so they no-quoted 10K to fix over the phone). The old gal only had 180K on the OD and was supposed to transport my 2 girls back and forth to college for the next two years. At up to 30mpg the V6 pentastar in the VW Routan cloaked Chrysler Town and Country served well. It was probalby a $10 hose that failed as root cause to the engine demise (and maybe me not getting to the I'm-stranded lane in time).

There were about 10 used (over priced) and 15 new Ram trucks in Dealer inventory at that time. With daylight faded and a short timeline my wife picked the truck off the line at the dealership in FLA (we live in GA). We were going to buy used, but opted for the one with 17 miles on the odometer and drove away at 10pm. The trade-in for the broken van was less than all the change I had in the center console. I didn't care. Didn't have any choice of any options or knick knacks, just what was on the truck, as is. Drive away and be happy. 3 months later. I am happy.

Aways wanted a capable tow vehicle even though I've always had a buddy that would lend or trade me theirs for the weekend if I had to tow a 14' tandem covered trailer for work, or a hardside Apache Camper. The 1991 Range Rover is still capable, but she's getting older and more tired. Hooray V8 Hemi MDS VVT 3.92 and Class IV hitch.
I'm happy as I work from home and can see it sitting in the driveway all day. I've washed the dust and Georgia pollen off that truck more times in 3 months than 15 years of owning and driving a fleet of vehicles.
Cheers everyone.


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May 16, 2021
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5.7 Hemi
Welcome to the Forum, and to the "family" of owners of vehicles that show every little stinking speck of pollen/dirt/bird droppings/etc. And as the other saying goes, "happy wife, happy life". Hopefully, if she picked it, she is happy with the choice as well.