Oil/Coolant temps 2015 SLT

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Jun 2, 2020
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Every time my 2016 Ram 1500 5.7L start to heat up a bit, I learn to check.....the oil. If it is half or more low, I add. I understand the oil also help to keep the motor cool. If it is low on oil, the motor with run hotter and problems will arise.

Over the years of owning Chrysler and Stellantis, still have the same issues. The Hemi like to runs hot but not so hot that is become a constant problem.

A second thing I learned is not to fully trust the thermostat, OEM or supply house brand. I check them and if I have any doubt, the stat is gone and a new one is installed.

Last, I do check the coolant.

If all this is good, them I go to check the fan, belts, and water pump.

This works for me. It is simple. My Ram is still going strong.
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Dec 15, 2021
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Glad I found this thread! Makes me feel like Im not CRAZY!

Friday I noticed the same thing. My coolant has only ever touched over 210 when Im on a long roadtrip going up mountains, and oil temp has usually closely followed my coolant temps.

Friday (In phoenix, temp was about 95) on the way home from work (18 miles) my coolant climbed to 213 and oil temps to 220. This is 70mph, straight, flat highway with little to no traffic. Same thing yesterday as well. Coolant touched 217-218 briefly, and oil got up to 223. Odd thing is, coolant came back down relatively quick once I got off the highway, but oil temp never did. I have about 10 min drive from getting off the highway to getting home. Usually the oil temps follow my coolant temps pretty well, but even when coolant got back down to 197, oil stayed in the 220's and wouldnt come down again.

2014 RAM 1500 - 164k miles - 5.7L
Water pump was replaced at about 110k (before I bought it)
Oil changed about 3500 ago (Penzoil Platinum HM 5w30, with RP 20-820 filter, 1 Bottle of Lubeguard Bio/Tech)
Coolant is good
No forbidden milkshake in the dipstick or oil cap.
Trans temps seem pretty normal for me at this point. Usually around 185-190. Only got to 195 when I stepped on it for a few seconds, but came right back down.

Even in Phoenix heat during normal driving (up past 110) the truck doesnt get this hot. I know I'm still within "normal" operating temps, but they are not normal for my truck. I have been meaning to do a couple temp mods (grill shutter delete, transmission thermostat delete, possibly a lower thermostat) ... but I dont want to do any of those until I nail down the cause of whats going on now. The last thing I want to do is put a band aid on something that has a more sinister underlying cause.

I did have a friend (about a year ago) say that the fan clutch/hub looks like it may need to be looked at (slight...very slight... wobble). But there has been no squealing or obvious noises. That being said, I've never had a fan clutch go bad before... so I'm not sure what I'm listening for. The only abnormal sound ive heard is a very very faint grinding/whooshing sound. High pitched. The best way I can describe it, is think of a wheel bearing going bad. That faint grinding, but combine it with what putting a stethoscope up to your oil pan... that sound of fluid rushing. It sounds more like fluid than grinding, and its incredibly faint.

Any thoughts of where to start?