Passive entry sending random signals for lock/unlock

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Apr 8, 2024
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Hemi 5.7
Two days ago my passive entry started sending random signals. It will randomly lock, sometimes multiple times getting the horn to honk. It happens with both doors and both fobs. This morning I got out of the truck at work and the doors locked before the door was even shut. I tried unhooking the battery for 20-30 minutes to reset the ECUs and it didn't fix the issue. Once it starts doing random stuff I can try using the buttons on the fob and they won't work for 10 seconds or so. Anyone have any idea how I can go about diagnosing this?

Currently also chasing an issue with the rear left tail light intermittently saying it's out. AlfaOBD has bcm faults stored for that saying short to ground. Not sure if related but thought I'd throw that in. I'd still like to definitively diagnose what's happening.

Here is a link to a video of it happening.