Thinking about refreshing 2003

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Nov 2, 2020
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Just thinking about a project that just happened, it was never planned to be that way.

I bought a 1956 Chevy 1/2 ton in 1971.
I was the second owner

When i sold it in 2009, the trucks frame front clip was a 1971 Chevelle.
The rear differential was originally a 3.90 & i switched it to a 3.30 Ford
I went through the original 235 cu. in. engine
a 327 cu. in. & a 350 cu in engine
a few 3 speed stick shift transmissions, a few 4 speed, Muncie & Saginaw transmissions & when i sold it, it had a 350 auto transmission.

The body sheet metal was stock & straight

I really enjoyed that truck & i still dream about working on it & driving it.

I did everything to the truck except the Front Clip, i paid for that to be done.

I also had a 2nd frame made for it, it had a 1975 Camaro front clip on it.

I was going to switch frames in my driveway, but i had too many vehicles & i had to make choices.

I never thought about money or time invested
It kept me out of trouble & i knew where all the good junk yards were & are.
Friends came over for a beer & they got a wrench :)

If i still had it, i would still spending money & smiling

Where do you stop ?
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