error codes

  1. Dark Knight 500

    Dead switches and random codes

    I have searched high and low for an answer to my problem. I noticed today that my 4wd switch, lower instrument panel switches, rain sense wipers and auto high beams were all dead. I used alphaobd to read codes and found U1009 & U0213 in the BCM. I had recently installed tow mirrors and used...
  2. ArDavid318

    Tune problems

    Hey guys got some problems with tuning. I have a 98 Dodge Ram with a modified 318 paired with a NV4500. Going through a guy that’s helping me tune my truck with the SCT X3. My problem is that when I upload a tune it pops codes for sensors concerning the automatic transmissions. (I will list the...
  3. Activate

    Rear turn signals lamp out message?

    After I set the DRL with Alfaobd on my 2015 Laramie I have a problem... With the DRL (light switch on auto or 0) and moving and taking my foot of the brake-pedal, I have the message on the screen that the left and right turning-lights are not working, they are working, the lights on the dash...
  4. Drunken Hamster

    Problems with truck, looking for insight.

    Hey, guys, finally got around to posting this. There are several things wrong with my truck that I want to iron out, so I'll get right to it. -Got a P0071 the other day. Ambient Air Temp sensor. Dunno how this affects the truck, should I be worried? Would the fix be to just get a new sensor...
  5. J

    Ignition hesitates after TPS replacement

    I have a 2006 Ram 1500 and the engine was revving randomly at highway speeds. Codes came back as Throttle Position Sensor going bad. Replaced that, and cleaned out the throttle body. Now the problem with the revving is gone, but every time I start up it cranks for about 3-5 seconds before...
  6. N

    Error Codes and Rust on oil cap

    For a few months, I've been getting P0404 codes. Replaced the EGR valve and it went away then came back. I couldn't figure it out so I let it sit and see what would happen. Soon after, on startup, it started having issues starting as well as it had trouble going and had a deep rumbling that...