1. j-b

    Warlock Lift Explanation - Read this before lifting/leveling your Warlock's

    Hello all! With RAM continuing to produce these 4th Gens as the "Warlock" Package I figured I would make a Thread Explaining the Lift on these trucks as its a question that gets asked a lot. Of course RAM doesn't really put any info out there to help us in the aftermarket world. The Warlocks...
  2. T

    Leveling my 18 big horn

    I've been looking into the rough country 2in front leveling struts , paired with the rough country n3 rear shocks running 33x12.5 / 22s . I was wondering if anyone else is running anything similar.
  3. Intense-Dakota

    '17 REBEL w/ air - Daystar Leveling + Links = UCA hit?

    I am thinking of adding the Daystar leveling kit (KC09113BK) to my 2017 Rebel with air. I am going to make custom links to match. I have read a few places where the 5th gens were having issues with the UCA hitting the air struts in Off Road height. Is this an issue on the 4th gens also? I do off...
  4. M

    Eibach Leveling Kit

    I've been searching for a leveling kit and Eibach has a kit with front and rear shocks and springs lifting the front 2.75" and rear 1" (part number E80-27-001-04-22) for $714 on their website but I can't find that anywhere in stores. I called them and they said it would be at least a month...
  5. R

    Adjustable shocks vs. leveling kit??

    Just got a 18 RAM 1500 Crew cab. Looking to either use a leveling kit or adjustable shocks (Bilstien 5100’s). Any thoughts on either?? Pros and cons and costs??
  6. IdaRam

    Ride/MPG/Off-road/Tow experience with RC 2.0 Leveling Struts

    First post and new owner of a 2014 4x4 Ram Sport. Love the thing and have been slowly starting to tinker. I know there are strong opinions about the Bilsteins and they remain my first choice. However, I had a heavy discount code for their website and I just purchased the Rough Country 2.0...
  7. kshelleby

    2014 2500 CCSB 4wd Gasser BDS Leveled Steering Question

    I have installed a BDS level, truck is 4wd. My first 2500, have had 1500's previously... The question is, when turning hard in 4wd, steering "fights back" makes it difficult to turn in the snow. Is this just a straight axle issue, do i need to change a component since i leveled it, or is there...
  8. L

    2wds 2.5" leveling kit.

    Does anyone have any before and after pictures of their 2wd 1500s with a 2.5" leveling kit? I'd like to know the difference it would make.
  9. PDXRam

    Budget vs High End Leveling

    Hey fellas, Looking into different ways of leveling my new truck. I know a ton of members have experience with Bilstein's in the front and new UCA's as well. But who has experience with a more high end way of leveling like the one offered from Carli Suspension? Or a kit from Icon? The truck...

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