1500 miles from home with check engine


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Aug 2, 2018
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I went there yesterday and it was only about 2

Does that mean we only really have 23/ 24 gallon tanks?
You know, who knows, lmao. When I went to the dealer and complained about my Gauge (after I owned the truck for like a month), was told, well, your Build sheet says 26 Gallon tank. In order to verify, bring in your truck almost empty, we will drain tank, then have filled and see how much it holds. Boy, wat a bunch of coconuts. NE way, I have put 24.8 gallons in mine while on a trip, I pushed it to "E", showing like 5 miles left, but that dang lie o meter no better than the mpg meter. They R never accurate. IMHO, pick of the draw. Some PPL have had better luck. BUT I never let my fuel go below 1/4, and at currently, $4.29 a gallon, and I use 89 octane, so $.20 more, not wanna go ne thing lower than a 1/4. But all IMHO.....

ADDED: Good thang my truck belongs to me (A BOIRD) and a driveway princess, so I do not have to worry as much anymore.

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