2016 Ram New upgraded lighting front and rear!

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Aug 20, 2022
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There are so many light articles that I could not find a place to add this, So because I am lazy and hate typing I will start another!! I have already done this and it worked exceptionally well. Also did something similiar to my Victory.
Easy to find out the difference between projector, Hid, non projector, fog light vs driving light etc. just type that in your computer and there's a chit-loads of articles.
My starting point, 2016 Ram 1500 tradesman Reg. cab, long box, have O.E. quad headlamps , nothing else in front. rest of vehicle just the basics. If you want to know what you have on your truck, go to a dealer and ask them to print a Vehicle Information Report ( Dealer build sheet) As I will be pulling a 16ft. steel deck trailer and my 66 Satellite on it (it is also our utility trailer) I added a hitch and wanted trailer brake control fro the inside of the cab. As I just got this one used (58K out of WV) I am making it my own , as you all are doing with yours. It came with the Uconnect 5.O. So from "Infotainment. com" I ordered their electronic trailer brake contol (uses factory switches and intalls in the dash in Factory location), Infotainment backup camera- that will function with the 5.0 uconnect, MBRP Cat back single exhaust (S5142409), K&N Filter kit (63-1561), these came with all necessary parts to install and reprogram the 5.0 uconnect. At 5AM the back up lamps are worhless, headlamps not much better (stock 3200K haloghens) As the aftermarket backup camera is not infared it just sees what you and I see in the dark -NOTHING-! So in the rear I added a - Morimoto Boost Bar License Plate Light (R138702) wired into the r/r reverse light harness (came with connectors to do this) Only $75. NOW I light up my 60 ft. driveway and the neighbors front lawn!! And can see it all in the 5.0 Backup camera!
To the front I changed the four halogen bulbs -low beam to Sylvania H-11's and Hi-beams to Sylvania 9005 (silverstar Ultra's)- both 4200k heat color. better but not good enough for these 70 year old eyes. I know I HATE fog lights, as most are 30degree beams (light spread is 30 degrees up,down,right, and left of center. As a result they "shine" up into the fog, rain, and snow and blind not only others but also youself. I look for a Driving beam - the narrowest I found was 8 degrees. They are 6 inch LED light bars that mount in the bumper area ( wind up being only 17 inchs off the ground) $380 for the set, includes a mounting bracket for the 4th generation AND universal brackets for anything else, a wiring harness and lighted switch.. You can watch a video on how they mount on -YOU TUBE-, or on the American Truck website. They are "holy-chit" bright BUT I aimed them to be 1/2 bubble below level so they light up ONLY the road not others eyes. Do not know who else sells them but "American Truck Does" If you like Fog style lighting the part number is R110926 - they are listed as WIDE BEAM I took my drining style lights out for a test run in the dark, left them on and NO ONE flashed there lights back at me! When a vehicle crosses in front of me (right to left or left to right at an intersection you can see the "cut off line" at their mid door area!
The R110925 are the driving beam. 6 inch light bar both listed in the off road section